Land of the Rising Salary Man


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to work in Japan? You might be surprised how different the work culture is compared to the western world.

Japan is much more than a culture of workers that spend endless hours at the office, holding meeting after meeting and ending the night with business drinks at Izakayas, Japanese tapas-style drinkeries. Japan’s work culture is knit differently than most companies in the west, often requiring commitment close to that of a family.

Here are a few ways business is handled in Japan: ... Continue reading "Land of the Rising Salary Man"

5 Differences between Japanese and Western Graduate Hiring


Recruiting talent from Japan is no easy task, particularly because Japanese hiring processes differ fundamentally from their foreign counterparts. Japan is the only country in the world to use its unique graduate hiring system, and the contrasts it presents from western hiring practices often act as barriers to non-Japanese companies. Gaining a basic knowledge of Japanese hiring processes can save you a lot of time in avoiding common pitfalls. ... Continue reading "5 Differences between Japanese and Western Graduate Hiring"

3 Reasons You Can’t Hire Japanese-English Bilinguals in the U.S.


Japanese-English bilinguals can be some of the most difficult candidates to recruit, simply because they are hard to connect with; or because their skill set doesn’t match a recruiter’s position requirements. Below are three points recruiters should consider before diving into recruiting Japanese bilinguals and some tips that will help your search along the way. ... Continue reading "3 Reasons You Can’t Hire Japanese-English Bilinguals in the U.S."